So this past week and the upcoming week are the two most important weeks of my college career.  Deadlines and exams have taken their toll on me.  I also have what my doctor called the “worst ear infection” he’d ever seen.  OUCH.  On top of the stress from school, some big changes in my house have literally turned my life upside down.  But we won’t talk about that now…

So how do I decompress?

I spend time with my family.  Saturday I went to a little league softball game to watch Molly kick the other team’s rear. I had seen this video (warning, there is some foul language) on Facebook by Darren Knight the night before the game, and if you’ve ever been to a little league game, chances are you’ve seen this person. Luckily I didn’t see this person at the field.

I go for drives.  Spring is here and I love to drive the curvy backroads around South Knoxville and take in all of the greenery.  Driving around Brown mountain has become my favorite spot, and now that I can drive a five-speed, it’s even better.

I get caffeinated.  I have become slightly obsessed with the nitro coffee from SoKno Market.  I was there three times this week.  This has also helped me stay up late on Friday nights to write blog posts.

I binge watch.  I’ve seen every episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia at least seven times.

An accurate portrayal of my life.

I rewatched The Office for the fourth time during the past couple of weeks.  I cringe at the Scott’s Tots episode every time, and I won’t torture you with the cringe-inducing scene.

Hopefully in the next few weeks my life will calm down.  I hope to be able to update everyone about my crazy life once my plans are solidified.