Return on Influence

This is my final blog post for the social media class I’m enrolled in at the University of Tennessee.  Recently, we read a book, Return on Influence by Mark Schaefer, which is basically an instruction manual for how to become a social media influencer.  Previously, we read The Tao of Twitter, an amazing book which is helping me overcome my fear of Twitter.


Schaefer was kind enough to come to the class and speak about his experiences using social media as a way to influence others.  Schaeffer is all about content, and that is the key to building an online presence.  I browsed his Twitter account and found this meme which I thought was hilariously appropriate.


Someone can post stuff all day long, but unless it follows Schaefer’s BADASS strategy, it’s a taco.





Social proof


ROI also focused heavily on Klout.  Klout is a tool that measures your social media influence.  Schaefer goes on to give an example of how Klout can make or break your career.  One stat that I found sad was that Justin Bieber has the second highest score.  I think that says all you need to know about Klout…