Downtown Knoxville

On Thursday night, Jake and I went to downtown Knoxville and met an old friend for dinner.  I love downtown Knoxville, and here is a list of the best stuff to do while you’re there.


Several restaurants call downtown home.  The Downtown Grill and Brewery offers up craft beer and excellent food.  If you want something healthier, Tomato Head on Market Square serves local and organic meals.  Stock and Barrel is another downtown favorite, serving handmade burgers and whiskey.

See a movie

Until a few years ago, there was no movie theater on this side of town.  South Knoxvillians had to travel east or west to see a movie.  Regal operates the Riviera on Gay Street.

Check out music

Everyday at noon, WDVX hosts the Blue Plate Special.  The concert, which takes place in the Visit Knoxville visitors center is open to the public and completely free.


Mast General is by far one of my favorite retailers.  It offers up great outdoor wear, camping gear, and home decor. Go here if you have a lot of time to kill, because it could take a couple of hours to browse through everything in the store.

Go in the Tennessee Theater

The Tennessee Theater is the official theater of the state.  It hosts a variety of events throughout the year.  If you ever have the chance to see a concert there, I highly recommend it.  Jake and I went to a show there the first year we were dating and the sound was amazing.  The inside of the theater is beautiful, and there is always a friendly usher to help you find your seat.

So head downtown and check out some of the most popular sites.  And remember, most parking garages are free after 6 P.M.



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