The 5 Best Things About Dollywood

When I was a child, I got a Dollywood season pass for Christmas almost every year, as did most of my cousins.  Some of the best memories of my childhood come from when my grandmother would turn us kids loose in the park, and we pretty much wreaked havoc for several hours.

When you’re 13 and let loose in a place like Dollywood, you get a sense of freedom.  Maybe that’s why I’m kind of obsessed with Dollywood now that I’m an adult.  I can’t help but associate it with the carefree days of my childhood.  If you have never been, I suggest getting a season pass you, because you will be going back!

1.) The Blazing Fury

The Blazing Fury is one of the oldest rides in the park; it operated back when the park was still Silver Dollar City.  It’s an indoor roller coaster that takes riders through a mining town that has caught on fire, hence the name.  Until a few years ago, the final drop of the coaster also sprayed water on riders.

2.) The Crafts

From hand-dipped candles to debutante dresses, Dollywood has something everyone would like.  The best hand-crafted gifts at Dollywood are the hand blown glass items.  Even when I was a rambunctious teenager, I would still be mesmerized by watching the glass blowers.   Take a look for yourself.

 3.) The River Rampage

This was always the ride we rode last.  Its like Russian roulette but with freezing cold water.  The reason this ride is so risky: You can get completely drenched from head to toe, or you can come off the ride bone dry.  Riders sit in a huge round inflated tube and are launched into the water.  The ride consists of waterfalls the riders pass underneath, drops, and white caps.  Oh, and spectators can stand on the sidelines and spray water on riders.

4.) Food

There is an abundance of food to be found in Dollywood.  Too much for me to list here.  So I linked this list.  (My favorite is the first one on the list!)

5.) Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton has done wonderful things for Sevierville . Besides jump-starting the tourist industry in the area, she has brought hundreds of well-paying jobs to an area that would otherwise be impoverished.  Dolly also provides a free book to children every month until their fifth birthday through the Imagination Library.  Dollywood is also home to several bald eagles and other birds of prey that have been injured and can no longer live in the wild.  Of all the celebrities from East Tennessee, Dolly is by far the best in my opinion.

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