This past week was Social Media Week at the University of Tennessee. For four days, social media professionals stopped by Scripps Convergence Lab to offer advice and tips.  Although the event was held at UT, all panels were open to the public.

I  attended a crisis simulation panel where crisis professionals gave some great tips on how to handle crises.  After their presentation, a simulation exercise took place which gave guests an opportunity to create a plan of action and receive tips from people who deal with crisis on a daily basis.

On Tuesday I attended a session called Music, Murder, and Entertainment: How to Kill It in Social Media.  This was a great session led by a panel of experts who have created insanely successful social media campaigns.  I found Mike Mcloud to be especially interesting.  He is part of the team that hosts the World Food Championships.   In the four years the competition has been held, it has generated more than 5 billion media impressions.

Eric Baker also was a member of this panel, and in addition to amazing advice, he also shared a song.  Baker is the host of Tennessee Uncharted, an outdoor television show on PBS.

The full session can be watched below.

On Thursday, the College of Communications unveiled the Adam Brown Social Media Command Center.  Students will have access to Social Studio, a program that streamlines the entire social marketing experience.

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