Porter’s Creek

So one thing I may not have mentioned before: I love to hike.  I love the sunshine in my face, and the feeling rocks, mud, and leaves under my feet.  I love the feeling of being so tired after a hike that I collapse on the couch. With that said, I went for another hike last week.

It was my turn to pick a trail, and I searched for one that was going to take longer than Baskin’s Creek, but not as difficult.  I read recommendations for several other trails before I finally picked Porter’s Creek.

Let me get this out there too: I love my car.  It is a tiny Honda Civic, and even though it’s a 2008 model, it’s the newest car I’ve ever owned.  I told you that so I could tell you this: I regret driving my car.  The road to get to the trail head is gravel, which I knew it would be, but there were also huge potholes everywhere.  In a tiny five-speed, this road sucked and I was regretting picking this trail, but the hike made up for the crummy road.

At some point in the gravel road, there is a parking lot, but this isn’t where the trail begins.  We  continued to walk on the road (which is closed to motor vehicles at this point) for one mile.  Finally we had reached the sign indicating the trail head for Porter’s Creek.  We promptly went the opposite direction so we could view the old farm house and cabin located about 200 yards from the trail.

The cabin is no longer in use, but visitors are welcome to walk around it and explore.  It was neat to see how people in the 1930’s liked to come up to the mountains and how they spent their time there.  The barn is even more ancient; it was built sometime around 1875.

We got back to the trail and continued to hike up the gradual incline.  There was a foot bridge we had to cross, and normally, these not bother me.  This one however, was several feet above gushing water and big rocks.  I admit I was a bit on edge walking across.

We continued to walk and then, out of nowhere, we walked upon the waterfall.  It was beautiful, and everything around the water was bright green.  We had the falls to ourselves for a bit, so we took a much needed break to snack on granola bars and of course, take a few selfies.  The view opposite of the falls was just as amazing.   The slight elevation gain gave way to amazing views of the surrounding mountains.

Although I’d never heard of Porter’s Creek before last week, it is definitely  one of my new favorite hikes in the Smokies.  And that is another thing I love about east Tennessee: after living here my whole life, I am still able to find new, beautiful adventures to go on!




One thought on “Porter’s Creek

  1. Tab March 14, 2016 / 10:32 pm

    We went on a narrow foot bridge like that last week too! It was wobbly and frightening, but what lied ahead was worth the trip! 🙂

    Tab, onpagetwo.com


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