Baskins Creek Falls

It was beautiful on Sunday.  Not a typical day in February, the high was forecast around 64 degrees.  Jake and I will never pass up an opportunity like this to go for a hike.

Baskins Creek Falls is located in Gatlinburg, a few miles from the main drag.  Even though it wasn’t tourist season, it was still crowded.  After battling traffic for half an hour, we finally made it to the turn off to go towards the trail head-and promptly got lost.  After pulling over to collect our bearings, we finally found it (pro-tip: Don’t follow the signs, use your GPS).

Source: Yelp

We both made the mistake of wearing unnecessary layers.  Even on a warm day in the valley, it can be considerably cooler in the higher elevations.  On Sunday, this was not the case.  I shed my jacket almost immediately, and I was regretting not wearing sunblock.  The fist half of the hike was easy; it was all downhill except the detour we took to get to the Baskins Creek Cemetery.

We reached the falls and had a snack.  It was beautiful, and I loved seeing little green sprouts trying to peek out of the ground.  There were just a couple of other people down at the falls, so we nearly had the place to ourselves.  We stayed at the end of the trail for about an hour before we decided to trudge back up the side of the mountain. The hike back to the car was brutal and uphill the entire way.  We stopped a few times for  quick breaks, but being able to see this view was worth it.

A panoramic view of the Smokies from the Baskins Creek Falls trail


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