Road Trip Part II: The Concert

The concert was Saturday night in Pensacola.  We arrived at the venue early and walked around the area; it was still warm out and I was excited to see a new town.  The opening band was forgettable (as they usually are).  Primus played next.  Les Claypool is a god on the bass.  Although it was my fourth time seeing him, I still freaked out when he busted out his modern looking floor bass and bow.  Then came Tool

Jake and I had seats in the nosebleed section, but that doesn’t matter at a Tool show.  There are lights and lasers, but the singer kinda hangs out in the back of the stage.  The thing about Tool, is that the music is enough.  They don’t need any elaborate stage shows to get people excited about seeing them perform.  Overall, the show was one of the best I’d been to.  It was my fifth time seeing Tool, but I was still amazed by their sound.  The lead singer, Maynard James Keenan, has a strong voice.  Danny Carey is the drummer, and I’m pretty sure he sold his soul to the devil for his talent.  The highlight of Tool’s set was Carey’s drum solo.  You can check out some of his amazing skills on the video below.

I’m sorry for the detour, but I promise next week we’ll be back in Tennessee!


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