Top of the World

A few nights ago, Jake and I decided we wanted to see the night sky.  His background is in aerospace engineering, and he always mentions that you can’t really see the stars in Knoxville because there is too much light pollution.  I knew the perfect place to get a good look at the night sky.

It was already past 10 pm when we set out on our venture.  The Top of the World is a community in Blount County.  It’s named so because it is easy to feel like you’re on the top of the world.  Settled in between Blount County and the Smokies, the Top of the World Even at night, in certain spots, you can pull over and check out panoramic views of Maryville and Alcoa.  It is dark enough to get a really great look at the night sky as well.

Top of the world during the day. Source:

We drove until down Foothills Parkway until we got to the split that either takes you back to town or to Chilhowee Lake.  The drive is half of the fun;  I’m still learning how to drive a 5-speed, so it was fun to take the winding mountain roads at my leisure without having to worry about traffic. We turned around and came back home, stopping several times along the way to look at the stars and marvel at our small place in the universe.

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