The Most Famous Burgers in Town

This past week I introduced a friend to the best burger place in town.  My friend Donna had never been to Litton’s in Fountain City.  We had some errands to run together, and I was absolutely thrilled when she brought up grabbing a bite to eat.

A Knoxville landmark. Source:

Now, Litton’s is known for its awesome burgers, but honestly, I’ve never gotten anything there that has left me dissatisfied.  Despite this, I order a burger almost every time I go there.  This time, I decided to split a burger and side with Donna because I really wanted dessert.

Perfection on a plate.

I wanted Donna to be able to get the taste of the burger, so we opted not to get cheese or bacon, just a plain hamburger.  It was devoured in about 60 seconds.  The onion rings were delicious as well, crispy-but not burned- and the onion still had a little bite.


Then came for what would be the highlight of the trip: dessert.  Even if Litton’s wasn’t know for its burgers, its desserts would still draw in a crowd.  We went to the coolers and browsed the selection.  I settled for the red velvet, even though it isn’t my favorite (my favorite is Baby Jane cake, and it is only available on weekends).  Donna got the strawberry cake, and it was perfect.

But what I love most about Litton’s most is the atmosphere.  On the walls you’ll find newspaper clippings featuring local athletes.  Celebrities who stop in Knoxville often go to Litton’s. Last year when Alton Brown was in for his comedy/food show, he posted a picture of the red velvet cake from Litton’s on his Instagram account.

The table next to use were newbies and the waitress was telling them about the history of the establishment.  It was easy to tell from the way she talked about the restaurant, she took pride in her job. Litton’s has been a place for the Fountain City community to gather since 1946, and it is one place to definitely check out if you’ve never been.

One thought on “The Most Famous Burgers in Town

  1. Simply Starnes February 22, 2016 / 8:27 pm

    I have lived here in Knoxville, TN going on 5 years and had no idea that this placed existed! It truly looks amazing.. especially the dessert. I will have to check this place out. Thanks for the review!


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